Understanding Linux / UNIX root user or superuser and how should I use root on my server?

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Q. Can you explain the concept of superuser under Linux / UNIX? How how should I use root on my CentOS Linux server?

A. root is the superuser on a Unix or Linux system. root is the first user created during the process of installing any Linux distro or UNIX like operating system. root has unlimited powers can do anything on system hence the term superuser is used. Please note that Windows NT/2003 server also has Administrator user. It is not an exact analogue of the Unix root superuser account

How should I use root on my server?

It is never good practice for anyone to use root as their normal user account, because simple typographical errors can cause major damage to the system. It is recommended to create a normal user account instead and then use the su command to switch when necessary. Some use the sudo utility instead, which allows a measure of graduated access.

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  1. Can u have multiple administrator in Windows??

    Try having multiple users with superuser previlages in Linux… it should work!

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