Where do I download Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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Q. Where do I download Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

A. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is not available for download. It is a commercial and supported Linux distribution.

Red Hat Network (RHN) (free registration required) has the trial version or demo version and you can download ISO images for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. After evaluation period you need to purchase support.

However I recommend downloading CentOS which is 100% Red Hat Enterprise Linux based free system. Another option is to try out Debian stable Linux.

You may also get free RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) if you are leasing a server from dedicated hosting service providers.

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. We need to buy the software or just the support? I means “Red Hat Enterprise Linux” is a free software or not?

  2. faissal,

    Linux IS FREE – it makes no difference if it is Red Hat, RH Enterprise or any other version. Regardless of what the f’ups at red hat want you to believe, you can get their “evaluation” software (which isn’t theirs – linux community makes new kernel releases and NOT red hat) and than say – f-off to their “support” option. You are not breaking any laws!!! You just can’t call them for support (The only thing they can charge for is a support – that is what they are charge for – if you can download debian but don’t let anyone tell you that linux is not free, regardless of distribution

  3. Vivek,
    What is RHN ??

    So we can download trial version and disable the trial period right ??? Can we make updates on software or on Linux Enterprise distribution ???


  4. Bage,

    No, you can use linux (any distribution) all you want – it is free. But if you want RH updates than you have to pay them the money (that’s what you should pay for). RHN stands for Red Hat Network. I hate when RH limits number of cpu’s etc. to make more on licensing, but I have no problem with them charging for support (live updates make life easier in the Linux world). CentOs or Ubuntu (Debian in reality) are good but you need knowledgeable admin.

    RH become too greedy (their licensing schema begins to resemble MicroSoft, with the difference that they DID NOT actually develop Linux)

  5. @jack: The CPU socket limitation is tied to the support. They won’t “support” an 8xCPU system w/ a 1-2 CPU subscription. I had to clarify this at work and so I had a few conversations w/ RH support staff about this. There’s no license involved.

  6. I wonder how long it will be before other Linux distros, bit by bit, stealth by stealth, go over to the darkside to join microsoft? We already have Zorin Ultimate which you must pay for-when will Ubuntu Ultimate surface. Will Mint one day end free distributions?

  7. I’m a student and I have already downloaded the evaluation copy. I want to know what would happen if i don’t pay for it after 30 days? Can i keep on using the copy for my educational puprose if i don’t want support.

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