Howto get Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Number

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Q. While installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux it asks Installation Number. Where do I get red hat enterprise Linux installation number?

A. Red hat Enterprise Linux is a commercial subscription based product. During installation you need to supply a 16-character long string or serial number. Without this number you will not able to install:

=> Packages

=> Updates

=> Security patch

=> Additional applications

=> Support etc

If you are looking for free Linux version, try any one of the following for Server Installation:
=> CentOS

=> Debian Linux

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  1. Client


    Server with Cluster

    Server with ClusterStorage

    Server with HPC

    Server with Directory

    Server with SMB

      1. hi marimuthu, i tired with the above key while instalation , when i try to install packages , unable to install packages, product id, secuirity, subscription manager is displaying and haulting the package instalaltion

    1. hi.. i am palash chaturvedi and i want the installation number for linux 5.4. so please send the installation number on my e-mail id ([email protected])

  2. Hi All

    We have 1 Subscription for Red Hat Linux Enterprise edition. This will be used as a server, we need similar kind of setup for 10 number of clients machines which will be used for testing.

    Is it necessary to go for additional 10 subscriptions or shall i use the same installation media. Any way I don’t want any kind of support for client machines.

    If I configure, as described above is this going to be an illegal way of using subscription.

    Is there any Red Hat document which describes as per my requirements?
    Please help me on this query.

    Thanks in Advance


  3. When i try to install rhel5 into my pc, it hangs after i enter they installation number. I am using a core2duo processor and dg35ec motherboard…….can anyone help me out pleaseeeee

  4. Any kind herted man or women:. If you have Red hat Linux Enterprise V 4: with serial number. Please send it to me.It will be big help for me.

  5. I install Redhat Linux Enterprise 5 but not have installation number. therefore, i did not update and lost some package such as gcc, gcc-c++. please helpme. thanks!

  6. Hello Folks,

    I had downloaded RHEL 5.3 .iso images from redhat network couple of days back & was searching for installation/subscription #s for adding cluster & virtualization suite to my RHEL instance.

    I’ve done the server core installation skipping the installation/subscription # screen but now want to add the cluster & virtualization suite. Could anyone among you share the installation #s for these?

    [Rekhu Prasad]: The installation # you had shared i.e. “22eda90c23f9e5a9”, using this will I be able to add cluster & virtualization or this would just register me to RHN for system updates?

    Guys, also kindly let me know whats the procedure for adding these optional suites after I’m done with the core installation? Do I need to mount the .iso image & just run the required .rpm or is there any option from desktop menu?


    1. Thanks You mam
      I see this installation number it’s ok but my little quesation for you please tell me can i install the linux 5 from any dvd it’s not original purchase but can i put this installation number from my dvd?
      please give me advice
      vinit sharma

  7. i want redhat enterprise linux 5 installation number……. plz any one send me………………

  8. Hello Master..
    Pleace send this serial number for installation redhat enterprise 5 server. okay.

  9. i want redhat enterprise linux 5 installation number……. plz any one send me………………

  10. I need redhat enaterprize linux5 installation key. i fount this key b22eda90c23f9e5a9. but it is not help to me.

  11. Thanks in advance

    I want install RedHat Linux 5 server on my lenovo 3000 G430 laptop, in that installation
    it asking installation number.I don’t know that number please send me installation number.

  12. Thanks……………..
    Mr. Rekhuprasad
    …………………….for give Installation number of RHEL-5

  13. Hi,

    I’m a microsoft mcse who has lost the will to work with ms products!! and is trying out Red Hat out. If i could get a reg code for RHEL 5 i would be very grateful.

    Just cant handle another blue screen of death!

    Thank you,


  14. I am using rhel 5 for last one year…..
    there is some problem with dotmatics printer…
    model used is wep1070+dx
    i cant get print as per the print preview
    and cant set user mode

  15. hi friends, I’ve Intel DG35EC with E8400 processor (sata hdd) but unable to install RHEL 4.0 as the installation process hangs saying “PCI:Probing PCI Hardware (bus 00) – can anyone help me please.
    Thanks & Regards,Partha

  16. hi friends,
    I’ve Intel DG35EC with E8400 processor (sata hdd) but unable to install RHEL 4.0 as the installation process hangs saying “PCI:Probing PCI Hardware (bus 00) – can anyone help me please.

    sanjay kumar

  17. friends, finally I’m through with RHEL 5.2 but then having problem with Oracle 11g Rel2 installation.
    those who still with RHEL 4.0 (DG35EC) may opt boot: commands like
    boot: linux pci=nommconf all-generic-ide noapic nolapic and post installation with grub string alike.

    thanks & regards. partha

  18. Hello,
    I am a student in Kinshasa Congo DR, I need redhat enterprise linux5 INSTALLATION NUMBER. Please send me it.
    Thanks a lot

  19. Hi,

    While installing RHEL 5, i have chosen to activate at a later point of time. I am having activation key with me. How do i go about activating the product. I dont want to redo whole process of installing the OS again.

    I have searched for any option for activating the product but could not find.

    Pls suggest me the way out asap

  20. rekhu ….this is faisal u’r indiaopt frnd ..pls give redhat enterprise linux serverb 2.6.18-8.el5 key …urgent…. i contacted Mr.jaimon..but he is helpless…

  21. Hello Friends,

    (1 ) . I just Installed Red Hat Linux from Original DVD which I got from my friend. but I did not find the serial number. so anyone please help me, From Where I can find that serial number?

    (2). I skip that step of serial number and Installed RedHat so now if I get that number then how can i assign that number ?

    Please Help me.

  22. Hi,

    I am trying to install RHEL 5.2 64 bit on a server, we required cluster suit while installtion.
    But while selecting packages i am not able to see clustering packages.

    can anybody reply me on my mail the solution.



  23. plz anyone send me installation number for linux and how i can install linux on sata hard disk plz send me in brief….

  24. hai, i want to install red hat enterprise edition 4.
    but i dont have serial number.can u plz sennd serial number fro rehat 4 to my email.

  25. sir, i am new to linux red hat enterprise 5 and i try to install but i dosnot have key. please send me the key no. and scope of zce certifiation. please sir .

  26. Hi, am trying 2 install RH5, but i dnt hav installation #….anybody can help me pls…its very urgent my mob # 919620136061.

  27. Hi,
    I’m a Linux learner now trying install RHEL5 server, but no installation number for testing, Please kindly send the installation number to me.


  28. 2515dd4e215225dd = redhat serial number

    22eda90c23f9e5a9 = redhat serial number

    workstation = fa0c-1c86-fa40-5c1d
    desktop = 61a9-6cf4-61e9-2d6d

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop and Workstation 5:
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5:


    The installtion no. for RHEL 5 is 22eda90c23f9e5a9

    try this installation numbers and e-mail at [email protected]
    and write this numbers working or not
    ok . all the best . all of you

  29. plz,i’m a student in China and i’m busing with a task that must be done on the rhel and get updates from rhn.could any one give me a numbre for rhel 5?
    Thanx a lot and a lot .

  30. hi,
    I am using RHEL5. I need to update my system. But it asking me installation number.
    Please provide me an installation number.

  31. 22eda90c23f9e5a9 is the good installation number for Redhat enterprise 5.
    It worked well. Thanks very much!

  32. Thanks for the key. I have now installed RHEL 5 on my virtual Machine. This is my first time to use RHEL, I was previously using Slackware and now Im granted to use RHEL. Thanks!

  33. i want redhat enterprise linux 5 installation number……. plz any one send me………………

  34. Hi,
    I’m a Linux learner now trying install RHEL5 server, but need installation number for testing, Please kindly send the installation number to my email address:

  35. hello guys;

    here i have some of’em

    Working Serial:
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Server including virtualization)

    Other Serial (not sure to work, please try):
    + Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization Platform:

    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop:
    + Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop + Workstation Option:
    + Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop + Workstation + DualOS Option
    + Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop + DualOS Option (Virtualization):

  36. I made an account on / register
    I typed my login and password and then I had a text field where I must enter the installation number
    I tried installing all numbers cited above (even 22eda90c23f9e5a9) but it gives me:
    the number of installation you have entered is valid but it is already activated.
    What should I do?

  37. hello everybody,
    I would like to know whether the Installations number which are been provided here will they work on Red hat version 5.6 to.

    Could you please let me know how to install Vlc, firefox/ Update firefox,
    And how to install packages which are not rpm packages.

    I will be very thankfull to you guys.


  38. send me red hat enterprise linux 5 installation key
    how can i do to be able to yum install software .a’ve installed rpmforge and fribid


  40. Hi am lookin for RHEL 6 any1 with an idea where I can get an .ISO image.

    I need to test run it before makin a recommendation for my employer

  41. Hi to everybody,

    Can anybody give me the installation number of rhel 5.4 or rhel6

    Will be highly indebted to you.


  42. Hi
    I am trying to Install RHEL 5 But ita asking for Installation Number,So please any one can send Installation Number.


  43. i am using red hat 6 …bt it dosent show any screen where i give installiation no to install virtallization in ma red hat 6,please tell what to do for having virt -manager in my laptop running red hat 6.

  44. Hi Learned Ones/RHEL GODs,

    My First Query:
    I am a storage Admin, however I had a very little time spending on RHEL.
    I have an existing version of a LINUX ISO ver. 5, which I am trying to install on a Virtual machine.When I skip the installation number it gets installed very well(I am using it), however , when I try to install the Server by adding the server license it stops at the point installing the Apache.I have tried the SMB and the client however the keys ar not working.

    Second Query:
    I am also looking for a recent version of RED HAT which I can purchase. Can anyone suggest, which is the Latest version of RH Linux? Is it RHEL 7, 9 or 10?
    Is the 30 day version downloadable?


  45. hi
    pls help me? I can not install NIC linksys wireless-n wmp600n and Atheros AR8151 pci-e giga ethernet in redhat enterprise linux 5.2

  46. i already installated my redhat linux but i can not subscribe to redhat for installing packages in rhel 5.3………..
    plese any one help me….

  47. he i have red hat linux server but i do,t know about the verson could u tell the key of all red hut linux verson key its very thank ful o u

    1. Pls send me RHEl 5 Installation number ..
      above mentioned numbers are not working for my system..
      Pls help me to found that

    1. this installation number is not working :)
      and also i had a doubt we have to put the installation number while installing the OS r later,, :)
      22eda90c23f9e5a9 this is a valid but i put this number there is an error this number is running in another system pls try some other numbers like that
      wat can i do for this if anybody have solution ?????????

    1. you can use this

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux key

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
      key: 229eda9oc23f9e5a9

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5
      key: 000000890017fc00

  48. Red Hat Enterprise Linux key

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
    key: 229eda9oc23f9e5a9

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5
    key: 000000890017fc00

    1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
      key: 229eda9oc23f9e5a9

      “it say this number is valid but it already running in another system so choose some other number”

      for this you have to use this number via kickstart application to use this number in multiple no of system
      if kickstart package is not installed just install the package in add or remove software.

      try this u’ll got the updates for RHEL5

  49. Hi I Need RHEL server release 5.3 Installation Number ,
    I Run It Under Windows Using VMWARE Workstaion any Body Help Me

  50. can we add reg code after installation of linux red hat. i skip the this option during installation an i give the reg code manually

  51. Sir/madame,
    please can you provide Red hat enterprise linux 5 installation number, i need to complete installing linux OS on my PC

  52. Dear Friends,

    I need an active serial number for Redhat linux 5.5 for its software update. I have already tried all of previously mention serial numbers mentioned above, but it seems that they are invalid at this moment!!!
    So, I would be grateful if somebody could help me with that.

    thank you very much,

  53. i want redhat enterprise linux 5.5 installation number……. plz any one send me………………

  54. i want redhat enterprise linux 5.5 installation number.
    i tried above installation number.but they are not working

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