Q. I have created my own patch files on the drive. How do I add all those directories into Suse Linux YaST as an installation source? I would like to install packages from YaST itself. Whenever I try to add it gives me an error:


unable to create installation source

A. Yet another Setup Tool (YaST), is an operating system setup and configuration tool that is featured in the SUSE Linux Linux distribution. It is also part of the defunct United Linux. AutoYaST allows unattended and automated installation and is based on YaST.

YaST2 is a fairly complete and competent tool for administering a SUSE Linux installation. It allows administrators to install software, configure hardware, setup networks and servers and more.

Make sure you have createrepo installed.

To make your own repositories, type the command:
# createrepo

For example if /opt/packages is your directory, type the command:
# createrepo /opt/packages

You could now add the source into the YaST installation source as a directory.

Now run yast again.

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