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My notes on the principles and practices of software related issues such as compiler, assembler, graphical user interface, and operating system design. I am currently learning these topics at university and FreeBSD as UNIX operating system for study purpose.
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Automatically start MySQL server up at system initial boot time

Make sure MySQL server start automatically whenever FreeBSD comes up after reboot. FreeBSD provided this facility via /etc/rc.conf file (system configuration information). This file lists which services should be started up at system initial boot time. The rc.conf file contains the global system configuration information referenced by the startup scripts, while rc.conf.local contains the local system configuration.

Configure FreeBSD to start MySQL Server up at system initial boot time

(a) Open /etc/rc.conf file using text editor such as vi:

# vi /etc/rc.conf

(b) Append following line which will enable (start) MySQL server automatically after each reboot:


(c) Save file and exit to shell prompt.

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