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My notes on the principles and practices of software related issues such as compiler, assembler, graphical user interface, and operating system design. I am currently learning these topics at university and FreeBSD as UNIX operating system for study purpose.
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Introduction : Installing and configuring MySQL server

MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user, SQL Database Management System (DBMS) with an estimated six million installations. MySQL AB makes MySQL available as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL), but they also dual-license it under traditional proprietary licensing arrangements for cases where the intended use is incompatible with the GPL.

Quick Installing and configuring MySQL server steps
  1. Install MySQL Server using binary package or ports method
  2. Automatically start MySQL server
  3. Understanding MySQL service i.e. starting and shutting down MySQL database server
  4. Securing MySQL Server – setup root password
  5. Enable ipf firewall protection for MySQL server
  6. Creating MySQL users

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