Debian Linux Install Avant: A MacOS X Like Panel for GNOME Desktop

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Avant Window Navigator (AWN or Awn) is a fully customisable dock-like bar for the GNOME desktop environment.This quick blog post explains how to install and use Avant Window Navigator (AWN) under Debian Linux 6.x+.

AWN needs good compositing support and you need to install a composite manager like Compiz under Debian Linux.


Install AWN

Type the following command:
# apt-get install avant-window-navigator awn-settings

How do I start AWN?

Type the following command:
$ avant-window-navigator --startup
Sample outputs:

Debian Linux Avant Window Navigator Startup Screenshot
Fig.01: Avant Window Navigator in Action

How do I configure AWN?

Right-click either end of the bar and choose “Dock Preferences”, check the “Settings” or “Preferences” menu in your desktop’s application menu for “Awn Settings”, or run the following at the command prompt:
$ awn-settings &
Sample outputs:

Linux: Access and set the preferences for Awn dock under Gnome
Fig.01: Set the preferences for Awn

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Here is a quick demo of AWN:

(Video.01: How to use AWN – os x like dock under Gnome. Can’t view video? Click here)

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  1. I used AWN a while ago but then I got into that gnome-shell-crap. Several months later I’m back to more basic things. With the right applets and settings xfce can do most of the stuff I wanted from AWN and I’m pretty happy with it.

  2. AWN works great under Ubuntu 12.04. I run in Gnome Classic mode (which still uses GTK3 I think) and no problems at all. So should work in Gnome Shell too.

    Even runs under Unity, and manages windows better than the Unity dock included with Ubuntu!

  3. Does AWN really interoperate with Gnome 3.x?
    Or is this one more of the nice things we’ll inevitable loose with Wheezy+ ?

    Damn – the desktops under Linux got only worse the last years……

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