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How do I changing run levels 3 to 5? (jump to quick tip)

Default run level is defined in /etc/inittab file. In order to change Linux runlevel from 3 to 5, you need to modify this file. Please follow the instructions outlined below:

1) Login as root user

2) Open /etc/inittab file using vi text editor or gedit GUI text editor

# vi /etc/inittab

Open terminal command line and type following command

# gedit /etc/inittab

3) Look for the default runlevel called initdefault which look like as follows:


Please note that an initdefault entry specifies the runlevel which, should be entered after system boot. If none exists, init will ask for a runlevel on the console. The process field is ignored. Note number 3 in above line defines default runlevel.

4) Replace runlevel 3 to 5:




5) Save the changes

6) Reboot linux to take effect. Next time Linux will boot into X windows GUI (KDE or Gnome)
If you would like to change run levels 3 to 5 temporary or only once then, open your terminal and type command (as root user):
init 5

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