The Hipsterstation! Most beautiful OpenBSD Unix setup ever!! Period!!!

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I am jelly. Really a great OpenBSD unix setup.

Source/Credit @calumacrae

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Can someone explain this setup, because it’s beautiful and I want it. Is the terminal wired to the main base, or am I looking at two systems? If it’s all wired together is the v220 just detected as an external display?

    1. Hey Bleeves,

      I’m the owner/creator of this set-up. Glad you like it!
      The terminal was in fact wired up to a little ALIX firewall/router that I built (also running OpenBSD) via serial.
      If it were wired straight into the other system you see in the picture here, it would not have been seen as an external display. The VT220 is a serial terminal, thus not capable of graphical output. It can, however, be seen as a TTY – which is exactly what you see in this picture (just for a different computer). If I’d wanted to, I could have configured the desktop to have X11 displaying on the two monitors, and a TTY configured to run on the VT220.

      If you’d like to read more about it, I went into some detail in the comments on the original reddit post:
      There’s also an accompanying imgur album showing the little ALIX system it was hooked up to:

      Feel free to shoot me any more questions on Twitter/via e-mail :)


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