Download of The Day: Fedora Linux 26

Fedora 26 with KDEFedora Linux version 26.0 has been released ( jump to download ) after many months of constant development and available for download in various media format. Fedora 26 is a free and open source operating system includes various new features such as GCC 7, Golang 1.8, Python 3.6, DNF 2.0, OpenSSL 1.1.0 and more. Fedora 26 runs on both ARM servers and desktop boards too.

What’s new in Fedora 26?

  1. GNOME 3.24 including night Light feature that subtly changes the screen color according to the time of day, which can help to reduce sleeplessness if you use your computer at night.
  2. LXQt Desktop
  3. OpenVPN 2.4.3
  4. GCC 7.1
  5. Glib 2.25
  6. OverlayFS is now default for Docker
  7. Golang 1.8
  8. Python 3.6 (default)
  9. Ruby 2.4
  10. PHP 7.1
  11. Zend Framework 3.0
  12. SSSD fast cache for local users
  13. Cyrus IMAP Server Upgraded to Version 3
  14. KDE 5.10 and more

Fedora 26 download

Fedora provides all packages on CD / DVD / Blu-ray, and live images.

Fedora versions

  • Fedora Workstation is a polished, easy to use operating system for laptop and desktop computers, with a complete set of tools for developers, sysadmins and makers of all kinds.
  • Fedora Server is a powerful, flexible operating system that includes the best and latest datacenter technologies. It puts you in control of all your infrastructure and services.
  • Fedora Atomic provides the best platform for your Linux-Docker-Kubernetes (LDK) application stack.
  • Fedora labs provides the best open source tools for learning Python with Fedora Python Classroom, exploring the outer space with Fedora Astronomy and more.
  • Fedora spins – The default desktop environment of Fedora is GNOME, but if you prefer an alternative desktop environment such as KDE Plasma Desktop or Xfce, you can download a spin for your preferred desktop environment and use that to install Fedora, pre-configured for the desktop environment of your choice from Fedora spins project.

Fedora 26 CD ISO download

  1. Download Fedora 26 KDE Plasma Desktop (64 bit version [1.4 GB] and 32 bit version [1.5 GB])
  2. Download Fedora 26 Xfce Desktop (1.1 GB ISO Image for 64-bit PC and 32-bit 1.2GB Live image)
  3. Download Fedora 26 LXQt Desktop (958 MB ISO Image for 64-bit PC and 32-bit 1.0GB Live image)
  4. Download Fedora 26 MATE-Compiz Desktop (1.5 GB ISO Image for 64-bit PC and 32-bit 1.6GB Live image)
  5. Download Fedora 26 Cinnamon Desktop (1.4 GB ISO Image for 64-bit PC and 32-bit 1.5GB Live image)
  6. Download Fedora 26 LXDE Desktop (936 MB ISO Image for 64-bit PC and 32-bit 1.0GB Live image)

Download Fedora 26 DVD Images

  1. Download Fedora 26 Server DVD (2.2 GB)
  2. Download Fedora 26 Workstation DVD (64 bit – 1.5 GB) and Download Fedora 26 Workstation DVD (32 bit – 1.6 GB)
  3. Download Fedora 26 Atomic DVD

How do I upgrade to Fedora 26 from Fedora 25?

Upgrading Fedora 25 Workstation to Fedora 26 using GUI method

Fedora offers a command-line method for upgrading Fedora 25 to Fedora 26. The Fedora 25 Workstation also has a graphical upgrade method.

For more info see the Fedora 26 release note and project home page.

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