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Linux MRTG Configuration HOW-TO

Copyright (C) 2004 nixCraft project <Contact/Email/Support>

First release : December 14, 2004.
Last updated: Oct-19-2005
Last updated: Nov-23-2005
Last updated: Jan-23-2006
Last updated: Jun-16-2006
Last updated: Nov-15-2006
Last updated: Apr-11-2013
Last updated: Jan-13-2018


This document discuses configuration of fantastic tool called MRTG. It will guide you systematically to configure and install MRTG along with SNMP server.


This document is for a technical audience and Linux system administrator specifically Linux beginners who find it difficult to configure MRTG.


An updated version of this tutorial is available here - RHEL v6.x / Centos Linux v6.x Install and Configure MRTG.


1. Introduction
1.1 What is MRTG?
1.2 What is SNPM and why should I care?
1.3 Assumptions

2. Configuration
2.1 Step # 1: Make sure snmp server installed
2.2 Step # 2: Determine if snmp server is running or not
2.3 Step # 3: Make sure snmp server configured properly
2.4 Step # 4: Install mrtg if not installed
2.5 Step # 5: Configure mrtg
2.6 Step # 6: First test run of mrtg
2.7 Step # 7: Create crontab entry so that mrtg graph / images get generated every 5 minutes
2.8 Step # 8: Block ports 161, 162 udp at firewall.
2.9 Step # 9: Optional protect your MRTG graphs/html pages with password protected directory

3. References and further reading

4. Problem with configuration issues

5. Special configuration: Keeping a log of daily network traffic for ADSL or dedicated remote Linux box

6. Other tutorials/docs