MRTG Make sure snmp server installed

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Step # 1 : Make sure snmp server installed

Please note that snmpd configuration does not require using mrtg with remote network devices such as Routers and switches. If you just want mrtg graphs for router or switch then please refer to step # 4 (as all these devices comes preconfigured with snmpd software).

Type the following rpm command to find out, if snmp server installed or not:

# rpm -qa | grep snmp

If snmp installed then please refer step # 2; otherwise snmp server and utils were not present and your need to install them using the following commands as a root user:

(a)If you are fedora user (OR RHEL v5.x+ user), use the yum command as follows to install the same:

# yum install net-snmp-utils net-snmp

(b) If you are on an older version of RHEL such as v4.x/v.3.x subscriber, use the up2date command as follows:

# up2date -v -i net-snmp-utils net-snmp
Determine if snmp server is running or not