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Recommend SNMP and MRTG books

Essential SNMP book by Douglas Mauro

You know without Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), you might have to actually get out of your chairs and go see what's up with all of the network-connected equipment under their authority. Go though "Essential SNMP book" it explains how the management protocol works and how it's implemented by several operating systems (Windows/UNIX/Linux) and pieces of equipment.
Topics covered: You can purchase this book online.

SNMP: A Guide to Network Management by Sidnie M. Feit

An excellent source of information for readers at all levels. Explains SNMP in the simplest terms for novice readers and provides pointers for the more experienced ones. If you planning to build an enterprise class SNMP based network (example HP-OpenView) then this is must read for you.
When you need reliable answers for tough SNMP-related problems, SNMP: A Guide to Network Management, is your instant troubleshooter. It walks you through the specific data SNMP retrieves from major interfaces to help you handle everything from TCP/IP, Ethernet and Token-Ring LANs to FDDI, serial point-to-point and much more.
You can purchase this online.

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