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Fig.05: dtrx in action

Fig.05: dtrx in action

dtrx extracts archives in a number of different formats; it currently supports tar, zip (including self-extracting .exe files), cpio, rpm, deb,
gem, 7z, cab, rar, and InstallShield files. It can also decompress files compressed with gzip, bzip2, lzma, or compress.

In addition to providing one command to handle many different archive types, dtrx also aids the user by extracting contents consistently. By default, everything will be written to a dedicated directory that’s named after the archive. dtrx will also change the permissions to ensure that the owner can read and write all those files.

To run dtrx, simply call it with the archive(s) you wish to extract as arguments. For example:

$ dtrx foobar.*.tar.gz

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