ttyload: Color-coded graphical tracking tool for UNIX/Linux load average in a terminal

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Ttyload an impressive color-coded graphical tracking of UNIX load average in a terminal. It work easily on most POSIX/Unix based systems including:
– Linux
– Solaris
– FreeBSD
– MacOS X (Darwin)
– Isilon OneFS



You can install ttyload as per your Linux distor.

Install ttyload on Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Type the following apt-get command:
$ sudo apt-get install ttyload

Install ttyload on FreeBSD Unix

Type the following pkg command to add the package on FreeBSD:
# pkg install ttyload
OR to install the port:
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/ttyload/ && make install clean

Install ttyload using source code

Type the following commands:
$ git clone
$ cd ttyload
$ make
$ ./ttyload
$ sudo make install

How do I use ttyload?

Just type the command:
$ ttyload
Sample outputs:

Fig.01: ttyload -- "graphical" tracking of Linux load average in a terminal ("tty")
Fig.01: ttyload — “graphical” tracking of Linux load average in a terminal (“tty”)

You can alter the number of seconds in the interval between refreshes. The default is 4, and the minimum is 1, which is silently clamped:
$ ttyload -i 5
$ ttyload -i 1

Turn on monochrome mode:
$ ttyload -m
Pass the -c cols (minimum 20) option to set how many cols wide is the screen and -r rows (minimum 13) to set how many rows high is the screen:
$ ttyload -c 25 -r 15

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