Firefox 15 Released With Silent, Background Updates and Opus Audio Support

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Firefox version 15 has been released and fixes major issue related to add-on memory leaks. Last month, Mozilla had released Firefox 14. The new version also includes support for the new Opus audio format and includes a new feature called silent updates.

Fig.01: Firefox 15 in action
Fig.01: Firefox 15 in action

What’s new in Firefox 15?

  1. Silent, background updates.
  2. Support for SPDY networking protocol v3.
  3. WebGL enhancements, including compressed textures for better performance. See this 3D first person shooter game compiled to JS+WebGL.
  4. Bug fixed – memory of leaky add-ons.
  5. And much more. See release note for more info.

How do I install Firefox 15 under any Linux distribution?

If you are already using Firefox (under MS-Windows / Apple Mac OS X) you will be automatically updated to the latest version the next time you restart your browser. Linux user can use apt-get and yum command to apply updates. If you’d like to install Firefox 15 manually head over to the our tutorial page for more information. You can download Firefox 15 by visiting this url.

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