Book Review: Python For Kids

pythonforkidsPersonally, I consider programming as a fundamental right. The programming will teach children problem solving and reasoning skills. So, if you have gifted kid or nephew who is about to turn 10 or 11, gift him Python for kids book. The book introduces kids to the basic concepts of Python programming. The kids require no previous programming experience. However, must understand basic math concepts.

As a kid gorilla.bas was the first code that I hacked for my personal pleasure. First, I just played it and then I started to make changes to the code. I broke it every day. It was a fun and got me into computers. The same idea is applied to this book, and kids will learn to code. The “Python for Kids” book divided into three parts:


  • Part I: Learning to Program : First, book will cover the installation of Python on Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu. Chapters in the first part will tech kids simple programming concepts and Python tkinter module to draw graphics on the screen. At the end of each chapter kids will deal with programming puzzles. The first part cover basic programming blocks such as decision making, loops, variables, and calculations. Kids are also introduced to fundamental data structures such as lists, maps, tuples, functions and use of classes and objects. At the end of this part kids can write a program by themselves.
  • Part II: Bounce : The kids will get more excited as they are going to write their first game called “Bounce” using the tkinter module. You will learn how to draw and animate basic objects on the screen.
  • Part III: Mr. Stick Man Races for the Exit : This part covers the second game. You will learn how to draw characters for games using gimp and other tools. The reader will also learn about events, click-able objects, animation techniques and much more.

The book is engaging and full of colors to keep young reader engaged in their programming adventure. Kids will learn all about Python, data structures, object oriented programing, and end up building games and animation for fun and profit. However, this book is not just for kids. If you are an adult and interested in Python programming for the first time, this book is a good way to learn Python. I recommend this book to both kids and new users who wish to learn Python.

* Title: Python for Kids
* Author: Jason R. Briggs
* Publisher: Nostarch press.
* Length: 345 pages
* Targets: Kids (age 9-12) / New python users
* Ratings: 4.5/5
* Disclaimer: No Starch sent us a review copy.
* Purchase online at Amazon (Kindle Edition)

+ Easy to read.
+ Clear explanations.
+ Good collection of programming puzzles for kids.
+ Requires no previous programming experience.

– Very little PyGame coverage and no 3D programming / drawing coverage.

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  • Mohamed Abou Abed Apr 23, 2013 @ 13:01

    Thank you for the review
    Is this book good also for adult without programming background ?

    Thank you

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