Linux Desktop Fun: Summon Swarms Of Penguins To Waddle About The Desktop

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XPenguins is a program for animating cute cartoons animals in your root window. By default it will be penguins they drop in from the top of the screen, walk along the tops of your windows, up the side of your windows, levitate, skateboard, and do other similarly exciting things. Now you can send an army of cute little penguins to invade the screen of someone else on your network.

FAQ Updates: July/12/2011

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Our FAQ section is updated in last few days with new howtos:

Download CentOS 6 CD / DVD ISO

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CentOS Linux version 6 has been released. It is a community-supported operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6. CentOS Linux is considered as the most popular Linux distribution for web servers with almost 30% of all Linux servers using it.