Do you sleep or take a nap at work?

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According to a new survey half of IT works admit sleeping on the job or kissing coworkers. Well I have never fallen asleep, but I know few co-workers currently suffering from sleep disorder. From the article:


And nearly half of techies also are apparently in the mood for love. Forty-seven percent of tech pros admit they’ve kissed a co-worker, according to the online survey of 5,700 U.S. workers, including 163 techies, conducted by Harris Interactive for job site Forty-nine percent of male techies say they’ve fallen asleep at work, while only 35% of women admitted doing so.

As for smooching, 44% of men techies say they’ve kissed a co-worker, while only 34% confessed to puckering up with a colleague.

However many business people or manager takes power nap / catnap. It offers some health benefit. According to wikipedia:

Since these seminal studies demonstrated that naps were as good as a night of sleep on some memory tasks, more sleep laboratories have reported similar results. A NASA study has found, however, that while naps improve memory functions, they do not aid basic alertness


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  1. Whew! I do my sleeping and kissing at home.
    Besides everyone knows that nerds would not have anyone to kiss. ha ha

  2. Definitely, I take a nap at work. I started recently with this ‘be an early riser’ trend, and I sleep now between 6 and 5 hours. I feel somehow more energetic than when I slept 8 or 9 hours, but sometimes at 4 or 5 in the afternoon I start to doze. If I can afford it, I take a power nap. To do so in the best possible way, I wrote a small bash script to power nap effectively.

    You start the program with a number of minutes and a music player as arguments, and keep your finger over a key. When you fall asleep, your finger gets released (or it should, you have to be in a position such that this happens!) and then a counter starts ticking. When it runs out (after the set number of minutes you asked it for), a song (or a beeper) will play, awakening you.

    I usually sleep 20 minutes with this technique and as the program also logs the start time and sleep start time, I now know that I take between 5 and 10 minutes to fall asleep when power napping.

    I hope this serves some reader here!


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