Exporting Networked File Systems Via Another Networked File System

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Recently, I received a call from client about FTP server not working. Basically, someone was trying to
access networked file system mounts such as cifs and nfs via ftp. This is bad idea and it will result into problems because it is not supported by many applications (I’m not talking about cluster file system here). There are many issues with this kind of weird setup:

+ Permission problem
+ I/O Problem
+ Performance issue etc

Some FTP server do offer work around but I don’t recommend exporting networked file system via another file system.

Bottom line, don’t mix networked file system with each other.

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  1. The problem you are facing can have differant couses:
    – Make sure you have ntfs-3g installed (using Synaptic) so you can read/write ntfs.
    – By using gFTP (multithreaded FTP client) the security isues will be solved.
    http://www.howtoforge.com is a very usefull site to find the right answer for the distro you are using.


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