How to add a splash screen to Mozilla firefox and other products

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You can use a special firefox add-on. It adds a splash screen to most Mozilla and Mozilla Based products. It works with:
=> Firefox


=> Sunbird

=> Thunderbird

Good for impatient users (they can see a splash screen featuring Firefox globe logo and a progress bar).

Download Splash add-on

Click here to download firefox Splash add-on

Splash add-on in action

Splash add-on screen shot

(A Hat Tip To Percy Cabello)


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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5 comment

  1. I tried the splash extension on my Kubuntu machine for both Firefox and Thunderbird, and it crashed the machine completely. After fixing linux, Firefox came back without any extension or theme, it was installed but all of them disabled! Also the performance of the splash screen was only five or six seconds of the 25-30 seconds it takes on this machine to start FF or TB.
    I would be happy to know what causes this problem.

  2. Paulus,

    All I can say is – I am using FF 2.x. As far as I know FF under Ubuntu is little modified and that may be the problem.

  3. It’s a pity, looked nice, but I don’t dare to try again. Even now after uninstalling the extension when I shut-off the pc the splash screen and a FF page appear on the screen!

  4. That is odd…I have had that reported happening with some themes..I am currently trying to fix the issue…

    As for the timeout..Its in the options….Why do people never look there?

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