Posted on last updated November 19, 2008

nixCraft is a leading FOSS and Linux blog by Vivek covering open source software and related technologies. It is the leading information source for Business users, UNIX / Linux admins, open source software users, data center decision makers, provides the latest news, tips, hacks, tutorials and ideas about:

  1. Linux/UNIX
  2. Open Source Software
  3. Networking
  4. Servers
  5. Backup and disaster recovery
  6. TCP/IP
  7. Security etc

nixCraft audience includes geeks, open source software users, network admins, server admins and executives who make technology decisions for their data centers and offices. These buyers depend upon nixCraft as a trusted source of tutorials, news and tips.

60% business user

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Audience characteristics

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nixCraft provides advertisers powerful medium to reach highly-qualified technology buyers and influencers. They look to nixCraft for news, resources, tutorials, and tips with evolving technology issues and products. Opportunities include:

  • Banner Ads on the largest Linux and Open source software blog
  • Custom Marketing Programs

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