AMD Quad FX rocks – review

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I have both Intel dual core and AMD dual core system at home. At work we have Intel/AMD 2 way and 4 way single/dual core/Quad Processor (AMD Opteron) servers.


I was just thinking to get latest Intel Core 2 Duo for playing latest games. Everyone says it’s the best all around dual core CPU on the market.

But hold on AnandTech have just taken an early look at AMD Quad FX cpus.

From the article:
Imagine for a moment you’re at the decision making table at AMD; you are at least a year away from introducing an updated micro-architecture to refresh your now aging K8 design and your chief competitor just introduced faster and cooler CPUs than anything in your lineup. To make matters worse, this very same competitor enjoys a manufacturing advantage and has also announced that it will begin the transition to quad-core even earlier than originally expected, starting at the end of 2006. The earliest you can even hope to release a quad-core CPU is the middle of 2007. What do you do?

Of course dual-core, dual-socket is nothing new, as AMD has been offering that on Opteron platforms for quite a while now. But the difference is that this new platform would be designed for the enthusiast, meaning it would come equipped with a performance tuned (and tweakable) BIOS, tons of USB ports, support for SLI, etc… Most importantly, unlike an Opteron system, this dual socket desktop platform would run using regular unbuffered DDR2 memory.

Technically a quad-core, but really two dual-core CPUs working concert on a specially designed motherboard 🙂

AMD’s Quad FX: Technically Quad Core

I am waiting to get my hands dirty with new CPU 😉

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