OS X Love: Apple MacBook Air ~ The world's thinnest notebook

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Wow, I’m seriously considering one
#1: It runs on UNIX (OS X)
#2: Lightweight
#3: 2Gig RAM / 80GiB hard disk
#4: Inbuilt video camera and much more.

The new MacBook Air will be shipping in two weeks through the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers for a suggested retail price of US $1,799. I want one.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. This the worst laptops out there. 80 GB hdd, 1 USB port, c’mon this 2008. Not to mention overpriced hardware. Apple is for rich american people only.

  2. Meh… I would take one if it were given to me (I would take a lot of things if they were given to me), but I would never buy one.

    If you’re really looking for an ultra thin you might want to shop around a bit first to know whats out there.

  3. Another first for Mac and Steve Jobs. A little pricey but a good deal for Mac fans. They have had some problems with their products. This info comes from people who own Macs. Getting good results from their call centers can be a headache. Remember, Mac software is very proprietary. BUT Mac is introducing the first solid state HD (60 GB) for a little extra money and that’s a great first. I have used and enjoyed Macs and I say good luck to them.

  4. This is a niche’ product. Just because Steve Jobs can make it, and does make it, does not mean you should buy it. This is coming from someone who owns 3 different Macs (MBP, Alum iMac, MacPro). Wait until the third revision, then consider buying one if you need one, until then stick with a normal MacBook, or MBP.

    It isn’t designed for heavy use, or constant use, or frankly any use besides a little word document here and web browsing there. Dont expect to be able to obtain superb results from iMovie, FrontRow, Logic or Photoshop.

  5. Come on Vivek, you know you would be happier with an Asus EEEE PC. As others have said, if you are tempted by the small form factor, then wait until a later revision that includes more expandability (or at least a built-in Ethernet port).

  6. @Leaman:
    Ethernet port? What’s wrong with the USB ethernet adapter – indeed it’s better as it’s one less plug… I’ve an MBA and I bought the USB Ethernet adapter. When I’m at my desk (work) I plug in power and a single USB cable connected to a hub with keyboard+mouse+ethernet+external disk. (and if I could be bothered I’d plug in my USB audio adapter as well). One USB plug vs potentially five. And performance? I get ~80 Mb/s sustained file transfer, which is about the same as I got on my Macbook Pro.
    For what I want it for (travelling) it’s a great machine…

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