Posted on last updated August 27, 2008

Please use ALL information, commands and configuration with care. nixCraft website and its contributors will not be responsible for damages of any kind resulting from its use. The use of this information is your OWN sole responsibility. Make sure you always backup important data and config file before running any of our commands or configuration. If not sure about commands, please use our forum.

  1. The things we discuss here, can be done in more than one way.
  2. You may substitute all references accroding to your setup. For example, make sure you substitute disk names and Ethernet device names as per your setup.
  3. In most cases, we are going to assume that the hardware installation is correct and complete.
  4. In most cases, we are going to assume that the you are root user (use su or sudo to become root).
  5. Please do not paste blindly from our tutorials, try to understand your setup and proceed.
  6. Always remember: It is your network / server / desktop / setup or technically your employer’s and it is your responsibility to take care it.

Although the we believes the contents to be accurate at the time of publication, no liability is assumed for them, their application or any consequences thereof. If any misrepresentations, errors or other need of clarification is found, please contact the author immediately.