How to: Install ATI 8.xx.x Driver on Open Suse Linux version 10.3

Linux and Open Source Blog has published detailed installation instructions for latest ATI Drivers:

And once again I am being bombarded with e-mails asking me to help them install ATI drivers under the latest openSUSE 10.3. Make sure that you do follow and understand the how-to and go through it completely … besides I am not guarantying that this will 100% work with your PC configuration … this is what I came up with from my past experience and has worked on several configurations.

=> openSUSE 10.3: AMD/ATI Drivers Installation

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2 comments… add one
  • francis Oct 16, 2007 @ 4:06

    Hi. I am only just installing or trying to install linux 10.3 onto a hp dv9000 series laptop pc. So, its ok for the processor ,centrino dual core 1.5 ghz dual core. 2gigs of ram. but I wiped the hard drives by accident, fresh out of the box, by mis-keying whether I wanted French or English version of Windows Vista, and by stopping the installation by powering off. The system restore feature of F11 not idiot proof enough for me, pff. I know, shear stupidity. So now, while I wait for my installation disks to be sent by mail. I want to see what else I could stick on there. I got in there with win98, dos to partitioning software made a fat 32 drive, loaded 98, upgraded to millenium (not necesary, I know), tried to get some drivers in, did not find any at the time. So, then I wiped the hard drive again, made ntfs partitions, tried to load suse 10.03 and could not find the hard drives. Stunned, I went to XP, still couod not find any hdd’s. I did experiment with 32k clusters but I reformatted to 4k, allowable clusters for XP, at least.
    After all that I am getting intimate with this laptop and dont even know what it has, i.e. what kind of hard drives, sata? or regular ata ide. My questions become,… What do I need to “see” what is in there for hard drives? And, How do I load drivers from the SUSE 10.3 disk, or additional media, and more precisely what are the “parameters” I need to key in when I choose to load drivers (for the hdd’s) as suggested by the installation menu when I first setup linux SUSE 10.3?
    So, my needs are obviously a forum for investigating the how to’s, and some resource material, (which I may subscribe to), for the basic operations of linuxSUSE. I know, it’s too much all at once, perhaps, but my original goal was to use vmware to host linuxSUSE, from WIndows XP or Vista. My experiences with linuxSUSE 10.0 were fine although i don’t know how to program. I could at least setup the network back then, though, so maybe there is still hope yet.
    Can you help me with some good linux resources?
    I stumble through the pages on the web, which is ok but I am looking for stuff so basic few pages are there for my needs. Your site seemed deep enough and broad enough with its index that I thought I would ask.

    Sincerly, francis.

  • Steven Jul 7, 2008 @ 17:39

    hey, i got a tip for your, to see your hard drives you have to format them as aa fat system, i think, definately not ntfs, because linux cannot use that kind of partition, i pretty much did the same thing yesterday, lol tried opensuse11, but now am trying ubuntu because i cannot get my ati drivers to work lol, i have an old ati radeon x1300/1500 and cannot install drivers. the guys at ati are idiots, they are handing out .run files to let you”easily” install thier drivers. only prob is, .run is exclusive to windows. can someone out there plz email me?

    Steven (

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