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A grid computer is nothing but many networked computers work as a virtual computer or architecture. It is capable of doing work in parallel. The first implementation took at the University of California, in 1970s.

From the article:
Grid computing is a critical shift in thinking about how to maximize the value of computing resources. The technology is still fairly nascent, but here at the developerWorks grid computing zone, we’re publishing a steady stream of new articles, tutorials, resources, and tools to bring developers up to speed on this important cutting-edge technology.

Here are some very basic questions asked by newbies:

  • Where do we start?
  • What do we do with all of this stuff?
  • How do the pieces fit together?
  • Does what I want to do fit in grid computing?
  • Are there existing grids I can join?

This is your guide to start learning about the exciting benefits grid computing can offer.

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