BASH – Fix The Display and Console Gibberish on a Linux / Unix / OS X / BSD Systems

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Sometime my R & D result into weird output on screen. For example, accidentally I run cat command over binary file – cat /sbin/*. You will be not able to access your bash/ksh/zsh based terminal. It will be full of wired character sequences that can lock down your display. These characters will hide what you type or character displayed into strange symbols. To clear gibberish all over the screen use the following method.

Method #1: Fixing the display

Here is my console with gibberish all over the screen:

Fig.01: Bash fix the display
Fig.01: Bash fix the display

To fix the display just type the reset command. It will initialization terminal again for you:
$ reset

If reset command failed to work type the following command to restore the session to a normal state:
$ stty sane

Press CTRL + L to clear the screen (or type clear command):
$ clear

Method #2: Use ANSI escape sequence

Another option is to type the following ANSI escape sequence:

echo -e "\033c"

Sample outputs from both commands:

Animated gif 01: Fix Unix Console Gibberish Command Demo
Animated gif 01: Fix Unix Console Gibberish Command Demo

Read man pages of stty and reset for more information stty(1), reset(1), bash(1)

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  1. This did not work for me. I guess I’m stuck killing the terminal and starting over, but I don’t understand what could go so awry that stty and reset don’t help…

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  3. One thing you missed: the possibility that the RET key has gone to Valhalla. Use Control-J to generate line feeds if it doesn’t work.

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