Browse a Samba or MS Windows share in Nautilus

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You can use Nautilus drag and drop feature to create and burn data CDs. Same way you can use Nautilus, which is the file manager for the UNIX/Linux GNOME desktop systems. Nautilus not only supports browsing local filesystems, it also provides access to FTP sites, Windows SMB shares, WebDAV servers and SFTP servers via GNOME VFS.

Nautilus supports previews of files in their icons, be they text files, images, sound or video files via thumbnailers such as Totem.

To browse your Samba or MS Windows shares open Nautilus manager, and type the following in the address bar:


  • delta: is a server (Samba or Windows) name
  • mp3: share name you trying to access

Browse a Samba or MS Windows share in Nautilus

If your system account (login name) is not configured properly, you may be prompted for your Windows or Samba username and password. Once you are authenticated you will be able to browse your shares.

How do I browser a samba / windows share from a command prompt?

If you don’t have GUI installed but you would like to browse a samba share from a command prompt (w/o GUI) or terminal window (X-term), use smbclient command. Make sure you have the samba-client package installed.

Type the following command:
$ smbclient //delta//mp3 -U myUsername

Once authenticated you will see smb: \> prompt. Use ls and other command to browse your share. Type help at the command prompt for the commands available.
smb: \> ls
smb: \> get
smb: \> help

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  1. Hi,
    I have HP Integrity rx3600 server, I am trying to install RedHatEnterpriseLinux Version4 Update4, The installation hangs after the initrd.img is loaded…
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    This is what happens

    Uncompressing Linux done..
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    There is no Error Message….

    The same Media worked fine with another server rx6600,

    I am able to install windows 2003 64Bit for Itanium Version on the same server.
    What might be the problem…

  2. kindly informe me clearly that how to access windows and from where i can get samba?kindly informe me in detail as i am a new about linux.i have installed both linux(fedora 10)and windows on my PC

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