Build a SELinux-ready Gentoo system from scratch

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Learn how to build a SELinux ready Gentoo Linux system

SELinux, the U.S. National Security Agency’s implementation of mandatory access control, is the most prominent new security subsystem in Linux. It comes installed by default in Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is available in easy-to-install packages in other distributions.

SELinux is a mandatory access control (MAC) system available in Linux kernels as of version 2.6. Of the Linux Security Modules available, it is the most comprehensive and well tested, and is founded on 20 years of MAC research. SELinux combines a type-enforcement server with either multi-level security or an optional multi-category policy, and a notion of role-based access control… Read more

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  1. My best one was this. Had a few commands to run so:-

    sudo -i
    chown -R mark:mark /

    Got distracted and pressed return. That was a fun day.

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