Enjoy the Silence

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Enjoy the Silence – I will be back by Tuesday.

For the next two/three days, I’ll spend most of my time with friends and we are going to GOA – west coast of India. GOA is internationally renowned for its beaches, sea food, and it is one of the hottest holiday destinations for European travelers.

Check out wikipedia Goa web-page for more information :)

FOSS.IN – India’s #1 FOSS event

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FOSS.IN is one of the world’s largest and most focussed FOSS events, held annually in India. Over the years, it has attracted thousands of participants, and the speaker roster reads like a “Who is Who” of FOSS contributors from across the world.

FOSS.IN/2006 will be held on November 24-26, 2006, at National Science Symposium Centre of the Indian Institute of Science (IIS) in Bangalore, India. It will cover
=> Talk of technical talks
=> Discussions and workshops/tutorials related to FOSS projects and technologies.
=> And more FOSS stuff :)

=> More info @ foss.in/2006

Webyog’s SQLyog available for download and it is released Under GPL

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Bangalore based Webyog Softworks Pvt. Ltd decided to release SQLyog under GPL.

It is MySQL GUI tool, which is the most powerful MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface.

Connection Manager

Multible Connections + HTTP Tunnel Settings

More screenshots available at official site.

We are very glad to distribute SQLyog under an open source licence. This has been made possible due to the enormous support from our users and customers, said Rohit Nadhani, co-founder of Webyog.

=> Download Link

Interview: Red Hat’s open source scholarship challenge

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IIT-B and Red Hat India is offering The Open Source challenge scholarship for students. Most of students in my university write projects using Java, Oracle or Microsoft development (C/C++ or .NET) tools.

There is no dearth of IT talent in India, but for a country that churns out thousands of IT students every year, the number of Indian contributors in the open source software (OSS) world is disproportionately low, due in part to a lack of proper mentoring. This is 100% true and to encourage more students to go into OSS development, the Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology (KReSIT) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay partners with Red Hat for an open source scholarship challenge each year

There an email interview with Venkatesh Hariharan, head of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat India and coordinator of the challenge, provides details about the event.

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LIC is migrating to Red Hat Desktop and servers

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Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India, the country’s largest insurance player will deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux across its 2,048 branches, 100 divisional offices executing seven zonal offices, head office, subsidiary offices and overseas locations. :)

LIC will completely migrate all its mission-critical business applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux across all its locations in India and abroad.

Currently LIC use SCO UNIX and other versions of UNIX on servers. This move will not just reduce cost but it will focus on core business applications and leave the management of the entire operating system infrastructure to Red Hat, India.

India lays down ‘open’ challenge

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There is yet another-evidence that suggests the growing usage of open source and Linux in India. Bill Thompson who is a regular commentator on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet. After his first trip to India, Bill looks forward to the end of western domination of the free software community

According to him, “Free software provides a bridge between the affluence of the West and the poverty of most of the world’s population“.

FTA “…I’d come to India with the sense that, like Brazil and other countries outside the West that are taking free software seriously, India is moving into a new phase in its use of free and open source software…

These guys – and it was a boy’s night out, though there are women members of the group too – are using the freedom which the Linux distribution licence gives them to build tools and technologies for themselves …Read more

Hacking Beetel 220x ADSL router (Broadcom BCM6338)

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This router is based upon Broadcom BCM6338 chipset. This router is used by Airtel, BSNL and other ISPs in India.

Hack # 1 : How to Login into Router

Login over telnet. This is a common feature of all router these days and this the only way to hack into box:
Default IP:
Default Username: admin
Default Password: password

I have changed IP of router to so here is my first session:

$ telnet

Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
BCM96338 ADSL Router
Login: admin
password: ********
Once you are logged in you will see menu:

Main Menu

1. ADSL Link State
2. LAN
3. WAN
4. DNS Server
5. Route Setup
6. NAT
7. Firewall
8. Quality Of Service
9. Management
10. Passwords
11. Reset to Default
12. Save and Reboot
13. Exit

Hack # 2: Get out of this stupid shell menu script/program
Yup, it is stupid stuff and don’t waste your time hitting CTRL+C, CTRL+D keys, to get out of this script/program (break shell script), just type sh and hit enter key at arrow prompt ->

 -> sh

And you will be taken to shell
BusyBox v1.00 (2005.09.20-19:57+0000) Built-in shell (msh)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.

Hack # 3: But where is my ls command…
Type ls or dir command,

# ls

ls: not found

# dir

dir: not found

They have removed the ls and dir command. But don’t worry you can use old echo command trick:

# echo *

bin dev etc lib linuxrc mnt proc sbin usr var webs

echo * is old trick which displays list of all files in current directory without using ls or dir command.

Hack #4: Looking for advanced web based configuration, use main.html
Yet another stupid thing, they have removed main.html from web based configuration. Basically main.html is use to configure advanced options of router like port forwarding, DNS setting, firewall etc.

Just type (replace with your actual router IP address) to get all advanced options.

Hack # 5: Get more information about router hardware and Linux
Since this is tiny device most of the userland command such as free, uname etc are removed. However /proc file system provides all information:

Display CPU Information

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

Display RAM Information

# cat /proc/meminfo

Display Linux versions

# cat /proc/version

Linux version ([email protected]) (gcc version 3.4.2) #1 Tue Sep 20 15:52:07 EDT 2005

Display list of running Processes:

# ps 

Display list of all kernel module (drivers):

# cat /proc/modules

Hack # 6: Get more information about your network configuration
Display list of network interfaces

# ifconfig

Get default routing information i.e. find out your ISP’s router:

# route

Display Iptables rules

# iptables -L -n

Hack 6 : Secure your router
(A) Fire web browser such as firefox and login to web based interface. Type url main.html (or

(B) Enable Firewall
Click on Security > Ip filtering > Outgoing or Incoming > Click add

(C) Change default admin password
Click on Tools > Select Administrator and type the password. > Click apply

(D) Save changes and reboot router
Click on Management > Access Control > Password > Select Admin > Setup new password

Save changes and reboot router.

Quick reboot router with reboot command:

# reboot

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