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CNR (Click ‘N Run) for all

Amazing news for all new Linux desktop users.

Utilizing 5 years of CNR (“Click ‘N Run”) development, CNR.com will provide a standardized process for finding, evaluating, installing, and updating desktop software for the most popular Linux distributions, both Debian and RPM based.

From the announcement page:
Linspire will be launching a new website, www.cnr.com, which will become the new home for all things CNR. When fully launched, CNR.com will house a completely improved CNR Warehouse. Other distributions will be able to download the necessary “plugin” for their particular distribution to enable one-click installation from CNR.com. I don’t have space here to share all the exciting improvements and changes coming to CNR, but if you visit CNR.com now, you’ll find a lot of great information, screenshots, FAQs, and even a forum to start discussing the new, multi-distro CNR.
CNR (Click ‘N Run) for all

For more information see the FAQ and the screenshots :D

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