Compressing large Apache log files on a shared hosting server

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If your site is quite popular then your apache log file could quickly becomes large. It could be anywhere between 200MB or 1 GB per month. Downloading such large apache log file not just take lot of time but bandwidth too. We have lots of shared hosting customer on apache web server. If log files are small, they you can download it easily using ftp program.

Nevertheless, when log file becomes larger, downloading them is a big problem. For security reason no hosting provider provides ssh access, further system(), exec() and other php functions are disabled in php.

How the hell customer will get his/her apache raw log file. With the help of php script you can compress file and then download it. Php provides function called gzwrite() which is binary safe gz-file writer.


int gzwrite ( resource zp, string string [, int length] )


  • zp : is a file pointer
  • string : the string to write
  • length : the number of uncompressed bytes to write

PHP script:

// How to use?
function gzip ($in, $out, $param="1")
if (!file_exists ($in) || !is_readable ($in))
 return false;
if ((!file_exists ($out) && !is_writable (dirname ($out)) ||
(file_exists($out) &amp;& !is_writable($out)) ))
 return false;

$in_file = fopen ($in, "rb");
if (!$out_file = gzopen ($out, "wb".$param)) {
 return false;

while (!feof ($in_file)) {
 $buffer = fgets ($in_file, 4096);
 gzwrite ($out_file, $buffer, 4096);

fclose ($in_file);
gzclose ($out_file);

return true;

echo "<html><head><title>Php Gzip program</title></head><body>\n";
if (
echo "Status:";
if ( (gzip($in,$out,"9")) == false ){
echo "<h1>Failed</h1>\n";
else {
echo "<h1>Done</h1>\n";
echo "</body></html>";

Just upload script to your webserver directory in password-protected directory. Then run php script by typing http url:



  • i=file.log: Raw Apache log file (as a Input file)
  • o=file.log.gz: Output file i.e. compressed file


  • Raw access.log file size 267730KB before running gzip.php
  • Raw access.log.gz file size 16301KB after compressing using gzip.php

Make sure private directory is apache password protected, otherwise anyone can use your script. Please note that I am not a php expert or regular programmer, if you have a better solution or script please feel free to post it.


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