Creating a customized boot CD/DVD for the Solaris OS for x86 System

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This Sun Blueprints Online has an article which provides information necessary to create a customized boot CD/DVD for the Solaris Operating System for x86 Platforms (Solaris on x86). It explain the mechanics of the Solaris on x86 boot process so that you understand what is needed to create a customized CD. It explains both the hard disk and CD boot processes, and points out the differences between the two. With your own custom CD, you can create a number of applications:

  1. Diagnostics or Troubleshooting or restoration disk for your system
  2. Diskless clients
  3. Solaris JumpStart software to access Solaris installation media/server
  4. ipf based firewall

You can download pdf document here

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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