Dell to Ship Computers Pre Loaded with Ubuntu Linux

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A great news for all Linux fan boys and end user. No need to use Windows Vista / XP. Finally Linux entirely replaces Windows forever.


Trust me this move will push Ubuntu Linux to next level and it will become a leading Desktop OS, just like Redhat on server side.

According to

Dell and Canonical are finally making it official. Dell is scheduled to announce today that it has reached a partnership with Canonical to sell Dell desktops and laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled, to be sold through the Dell Web site.

How many people can install an operating system?

Most end user can’t install an OS. I know at least few peoples who would like to try out Ubuntu or other Linux distro but not sure howto download 700Mb file and configure everything.

Now the No. 2 PC maker will begin selling some consumer-focused laptop and desktop to end users.

You can now order a preloaded Linux operating system. You will get tons of other benefits such as
a) Stability
b) Performance
c) Say goodbye to DRM shit
d) Virus and spyware free environment

However they Dell may need to offer dual boot option, if an end user wants to play lods of games and use Ubuntu for real work.
Dell to Ship Computers Pre Loaded with Ubuntu Linux

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  1. Well, thats an excellent move by dell. I use a HP laptop, wish they had done de same!! I was given with Vista, just to be used for washing my coffee mugs!! Hope every major vendor does the same.

  2. Its great that Dell a company with some clout is brave enough to at last pre load Linux.
    Have been using Ubuntu for about the last eight years and have just upgraded from Hardy Heron to Karmic Koala. When will everyone see the light? Open source OS is the way to go, its not rocket science, and a lot more user friendly than people think. I am 64 years young, and if I can operate it anyone can.

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