Difference between KDE and Gnome Desktop systems

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Often new Linux desktop user get confused about KDE and Gnome Desktop system. This guide tries to provide the basic differences between KDE and Gnome.

From the article:
This is not, by any means a comprehensive look at the differences between KDE and Gnome, but it should give new users a small taste of their different strengths and weaknesses and their philosophical approaches to usability.

The focus is particularly on Ubuntu and Kubuntu, but aspects of this comparison can apply to other Linux distributions as well.




=> Read KDE and Gnome Comparison – KDE and Gnome Comparison [psychocats.net]

In case if you don’t know – You can have both installed together and switch back and forth whenever you feel like it πŸ˜€

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  1. hellow sir i’m new to redhad linux. i don’t about linux o.s. but, i want learn more in linux
    (ex:- server service, how to change the kernal for linux, how to manage the hard disk)
    so, kindly guide to me get efficient.

  2. i’m a newee in linux.
    Please tell me about the partitioning and user interface in fedora(dual booting with xp).
    how can i install mp3 player in fedora without internet.

  3. I am a new user to to linux. How to install anti virus in ubuntu .Is antivirus is necessary ? if yes which antivirus u fell better

    1. Hai……It is not necessary. The viruses wont do anything in linux.But the viruses will come in the system. If you want to install an antivirus means there are lot of antivirus available there you can install kaspersky but i think its 300rupees. Better you can try the avast antivirus which is available for free….search in google to download that.
      Note:if you are using ubuntu means the package should be in .deb format which is executed in ubuntu.

      1. There is no need to install an anti-virus into your linux OS such as Ubuntu, Red Hat 9, Fedora etc. The reason is, unlike windows, the virus in linux are not executable (not .exe) at any cost. So, none of your files are going to affect. from that virus.
        Rather, you can simply trace the virus file and simply right click on it and click on, ‘move to trash’. Virus is terminated.

    1. change in the looks of the icon is definitely correct.
      But, another thing is:-
      In KDE you will get a, “refresh window” button when you simply right click on the working area, similar to that of Windows OS.
      Where as, in GNOME there is no, “refresh” button at all.

      1. i would say there is no need for refresh in gnome because tats one step where it is ahead of KDE, gnome constantly refreshes it interface for milliseconds thus making it better!

  4. hello sir iÒ€ℒm new to redhad linux. i donÒ€ℒt about linux o.s. but, i want learn more in linux

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