Different Type of Content Delivered Using a CDN

Posted on in Categories Content Delivery Network last updated February 20, 2011

What types of content are generally delivered using a CDN?

Most CDN support rich media content and various web objects as follows:

  1. Rich media content such as movies / HD video, games, and music / HD Audio using streaming, progressive downloading, and caching technologies.
  2. Real time media content (live streaming) such as current news, events, and sports matches.
  3. Downloadable content such as application software, games, documents, pdf files, software updates/patches, and much more.
  4. Frequently accessed static content such as images, JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) etc.
  5. Dynamic site acceleration (DSA) – You can optimize your entire website or dynamic web application written in java/php/perl/python/asp/.net using a CDN.
  6. Other network content such as DNS queries, routing information, Internet / Intranet servers etc

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