Does Linux powers the Nintendo Wii console?

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Blogger Kiyoshi Saruwatari claims that Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console runs on the open source Linux operating system.

wii now looks even more interesting to me 😀

From the article:
Obviously, you can hear that all this is very expensive to make and put in the console. How could Nintendo cut the cost? It’s very simple. Simply Wii will have software based on a industry standard platform that’s open source. Linux. You read that right. Wii will have Linux as operating system with proprietary GUI and applications based on commonly open source for Linux programs. This probably make you all think of homebew and hacking and things like that, but the final system in closed and will allow only signed code etc and will be very secure, even though it’s technically compatible with a world of already existing software

Read more at Kiyoshi Saruwatari’s blog

It may be little more than a rumor…

Although Linux on the Wii seems to be a good choice, Saruwatari’s claims have not been verified by Nintendo.

(via Osnews)

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