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Crystal Reports is a Business Intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.


Crystal Reports for Eclipse 1.0 has been released to the public free of charge. You can install and configure it as per your requirements. This is great news for developers. Business Objects has announced that the Basic version of Crystal Reports for Eclipse will be free for any Java developer to download and use in production.

From the article:
So what exactly is Crystal Reports for Eclipse? Well, for one, it is a version of the report designer re-written from the ground up on top of the popular Eclipse platform. Business Objects is using the Java Reporting Component (JRC) as the back-end engine for the designer. This is the same runtime engine that has been available to Crystal Reports Developers for the past four years. This engine has been updated over the years and is currently deployed in countless numbers of mission critical applications, proving its stability and performance. Crystal Reports for Eclipse includes the latest version of this engine.

=> Download Link and Crystal Reports for Eclipse Installation and Configuration how to


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  1. Hi
    i wanna use CR in linux environment..
    Hope u have used it.. How is it??
    Can i go for that?

  2. Hi,
    i want to use crystal report in linux environment .is it possible and how to do that . if anybody knows the solution . pls send me the solution .

  3. hi .I had an error when I using crystalreport in ubuntu
    help me . How to run crystalreport in ubuntu

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