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Fedora Linux version 10 has been released and available for download ( jump to download link ). Fedora Linux is a community-based Linux distribution. Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat, Inc.


One of Fedora’s main objectives is not only to contain free and open source software, but also to be on the leading edge of such technologies.

Fedora 10, codenamed “Cambridge”, was released on November 25, 2008. The features include a web-based package installer similar to Linux Mint’s, a faster startup using Plymouth instead of Red Hat Graphical Boot, better webcam support, GNOME 2.24, KDE 4.1, RPM 4.6 and many other features

What’s new in Fedora 10

The following are major features for Fedora 10:

  1. Wireless connection sharing enables ad hoc network sharing
  2. Better setup and use of printers through improved management tools
  3. Virtualization storage provisioning for local and remote connections now simplified
  4. SecTool is a new security audit and intrusion detection system
  5. RPM 4.6 is a major update to the powerful, flexible software management libraries
  6. Glitch free audio and better performance is achieved through a rewrite of the PulseAudio sound server to use timer-based audio scheduling
  7. Improved webcam support
  8. Better support for infrared remote controls makes them easier to connect and work with many applications
  9. The paths /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin have been added to the PATH for normal users, to simplify command-line administration tasks
  10. The online account service provides applications with credentials for online accounts listed on
  11. See complete list feature list here

Fedora Linux 10 Desktop
Fedora Linux 10 Desktop

Fedora 10 Download

You can download Fedora Linux 10 via the web/ftp server or via BitTorrent (recommended).

32 bit vs 64 bit version

  • For almost all PCs select 32 bit version. For e.g., most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors
  • Choose 64 bit version to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2).

Fedora 10 DVD ISO download

Fedora download: Fedora 10 CD ISO download

There are total 6 ISO images:

Fedora Linux 10 DVD ISO BitTorrent download

Download images from the following mirror:

Fedora 10 DVD ISO BitTorrent download

Fedora 10 Live CD Download

This is the latest version of the Fedora Linux operating system featuring the GNOME desktop. It’s everything you need to try out Fedora—and if you like it, install it right from the desktop!

See also:

See Fedora 10 Upgrade how to.

Fedora Linux 10 Download Mirrors


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  1. I liked the new interface but management of the server is harder since you are no longer allowed to log into the console as root. WHich is kind of anoying. If someone is aware of how to get around this please let me know.


  2. Hello..!

    This version has some sort of problems with networking features. When I tried to install the System through the network connection & it did not work.


  3. Hi Brian,
    to login as root, sudo passwd root
    new password?
    again pls?
    done !!!

    su –
    root password pls?


  4. How to login in as the “root”?
    The system says that the user “root” cannot be identified. But some functions work only for the superuser. I need to login in as the root. Many thanks.

  5. fedora is bst but i m not install on my laptop it is ready sady for me my lapi ihve 1 gb ram intel cetreno procser
    i hve lenovo laptop y500 (model no ) 77614eq
    plz engineers mak it compertivle for my laptop to same prob seem with ubantoo
    i m sady when i m not use linux products
    i m also learning redhat linux
    hope i got urs help

  6. —Hey this is really EASY and FAST to download Fedora and that too with a lot of optional features , THANKS ONCE AGAIN pal—–

  7. can anybody help me??? please….

    i really really want to learn and play with Linux Fedora 10
    but connection in my place is really really damn slow, and bandwidth in this place is… i can’t say in words.. you know??

    can somebody send me this “Marvelous” live CD’s ??

    my address is :

    Perum APH
    Blok E 2 No. 14
    Seturan Baru, Sleman
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    Thank’s a lot for those who send me these CD’s.

    God Bless You.

    1. Downloading the cd iso is better because its live cd and you can play it on the go and you can carry it with you any where and boot from it without having to install it on every computer you use…so if you want to add extra features then youll have to install it online…but then no changes will be made on the cd…

  8. what is the difference between DVD iso and CD iso? Do we get any extra on DVD iso image as its size is much more than CD iso image.

  9. I can’t find a full package (6 CDs) of Fedora 10 but KDE version. not Gnome. only Live CD I can find with KDE 🙁

  10. can you helf me what is the step while installing fedora 10 its necessary my project.. in class install fedora.. can you help me..?

  11. kapil nadda, you might have problems with Vista, try to make a partition if fedora or any other system doesn’t load in Vista. Windows is dumping Vista because of all the problems with it, well not dumping, but already moving on to the next os.

  12. I dont understand why Fedora 10 32bits and 64bits are failing to be install on my computer
    Dell Optiplex 320 Pentium D. What should i do to work?.

  13. I think this is time that we develop a non commercial user friendly both in operation as well as price, operating environment which could become a parallel to microsoft operating systems thus providing breathing space to the third world computer users.

  14. Can someone tell me how I can make a request for Feroda 10 CD, I can’t download it as my Internet is slow.

    Thanks for help

  15. I don’t understand why Fedora 10 32bits and 64bits installations are failing on my computer
    Dell Optiplex 320 Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz 64bit What should i do to work?. Please i need your help.

  16. Hi im new to the Lunix impairment like to learn more about it , any suggestions maybe a crash course , Youtube or a progression learning video i could download ,


  17. Hi,
    I have HP notebook with an AMD Turion 64 twin core, running Vista (32-bit.)
    I’d like to install Fedora 10 with a bootloader, but Should I stick to the 32-bit version, or go for the 64-bit ? Does it affect the bootloader ? (I wanna keep Vista running, until I really get the hang of Fedora, because I need it for my job searches.)

    1. 64 bit is good for servers and if you are going to use 4GB or more RAM.

      32bit without PAE kernel can only access <=4GB ram. A few software (especially related to multimedia) may not work well under 64 bit operating system.

  18. Hi,
    I have HP notebook with an AMD Turion 64 twin core, running Vista (32-bit.)
    I�d like to install Fedora 10 with a bootloader, but Should I stick to the 32-bit version, or go for the 64-bit ? Does it affect the bootloader ? (I wanna keep Vista running, until I really get the hang of Fedora, because I need it for my job searches.)

    just dual boot your computer, so you have 2 operation system in you computer…vista and fedora…thas cool man…!!!

    1. Use 64 bit for server usage with more than 4GB RAM.
      32 bit w/o PAE support only upto 4GB ram. Some multimedia and a few software may not work with 64 bit system. Usually 32 is good choice for desktop usage.

      Both version can be dual booted.

  19. Dear friends
    I need to learn linux and leave MS windows. I don’t have any experience with linux and I have no training materials.
    I need your help
    Thanks for attention

  20. After i download F10 live CD and run on my laptop (amilo pa1510), its working fine but i cant use icon`s on my desktop (inclusive install to HDD icon).The desktop has been frozen. Now i download DVD iso and we will se what happening.

  21. hi!
    I can’t booting this fedora 10 for my desktop system which I was downloading the fedora 10. anybody can help me that how to install and booting fedora 10 for my desk top system? – murali

  22. wow great, thank you for sharing.
    I’m new to Linux OS and Its really very useful for me. thanks again.

  23. I have downloaded the iso dvd image for i386 architecture..I have written it to a dvd and when i boot from it it gives some message that “insert a fedora core disk in the drive and press ok to continue installation.” what should i do ?

  24. i have installed F8 in my ASUS pro50N series ,all went good but i could not activate the audio and wireless ,audio drivers seem to be present but i cannot hear sound ,wireless hardware is given a “OK” status but i cannot connect to wireless ,what might be the reason.
    i have tried many ways going in to system/administration and did all i had seen some postings on net but nothing works ,can anyone give me a better solution which can work.

  25. Seeing some weird behavior using Fedora 11 as guest os in VMWare Workstation so thought I would try version 10. But this just hangs (tried the DVD iso image). Tried twice with no luck. Am trying to gnome version and hopefully this will work… 🙁

  26. I am taking Unix/Linux this semester, and I am very excited. I have VM Ware, and I log onto Fedora 10, but that is all I can do. Do I need the DVD iso image. I cannot do my school work on my Dell Latitude D830(4 Gigs). I really would be gratefull if some one can help me. What do I need to get further than I am at this point. Thank you, John Barry

  27. Dear frnz
    I am blank paper about linux and want to learn I have not any material for the same. Pl help

  28. iam still downloading it but i had so many fun using red hat 9 , fedora 5,6,7,8 that i can’t control my self waiting for it to finnish downloading , but just need to know more about loging into gu as root is as usual or sommeting diferent
    …….. u know ?

  29. Q1# I want to install Windows xp with sp2/sp3 & Windows 2003 server AND Fedora 10 in my Dell laptop with 80GB harddisk with RAM 1.5 GB I would like to go with this plan..
    1. C drive ( NTFS) 20 GB -> Windows xp ( install this first)
    2. D drive (NTFS) 20 GB -> Windows 2003 ( install this second)
    3. The left out space around 40 GB -> Fedora 10 ( install this third )

    Will above work ? I mean Dual boot for Windows and Linux.

    Q2# Which is the best Linux distribution used in production, is it Fedora or CentOS or something?

    Q# Which is the nice LINUX distribution for practice purpose ( I have some exp with Red hat 7 and 9, and I am looking for job in Linux world). Please advice me.

  30. Hi,
    I just finised a course in UNIX/Linix Fedora 10. Still not sure how to download it to my Dell Latitude D830 laptop. I would appreciate is someone could send me a DVD with Fedora 10 on it with instructions for installation.

    Thank you very much,

    John Barry
    2111 W. Williams St. # 244-B
    Long Beach, Ca. 90810

  31. most of above including me want to get the hard copy of Fedora 10 but no answer no any suggestion. Actually we haven’t an internet access with required download speed. So if there is any way to get hard copy please inform me at my email as under, meanwhile, thanks

  32. Hi all please help…i am new to fedora 10…when i am trying to compile c++ program in terminal…it shows a error message…that cout is not in this scope…when i try to install lib from net..i was unable to do so…what should i do?

  33. Hi i am using fedora 10 as a live CDin vmware how can i log in as root & what will b root password

    Please Help me

  34. hi.please help me
    i con’t instal my graphic driver(nVidia)to the linux fedora 10.because tell me error :not can instal in root. how can instal this?

  35. i have a fedora 10 DVD include its repository but it couldn’t be installed in my laptop Acer Extensa 4630z. when i created a partition” the partition couldn’t be allocated n partition is fail” that warning…would u like give me way how to solve this problem please….?

  36. don’t need to change the default partitioning of your laptop; you can just use a virtual machine (e.g. Sun’s VirtualBox).

  37. please provide me the rpm package to listen mp3 in fedora 10.i installed fedora 10 from live cd iso that found here.

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