Download Google Chrome Browser for Linux / Mac OS X

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There is no native Linux and Mac versions of Chromium available but codeweavers released version for Mac OS X and Linux. From the project page:

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. The Chromium codebase is the basis for Google’s Chrome browser.

This is just a proof of concept and you should wait for native version. This good if you would like to test new browser.

Download Google Chrome for Linux / Mac OS X

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Yes let google monitor you more, they will now see every search query even in other search engines. Then get owned somehow by the flaws which I don’t recall exact specifications of proof of concept were but I’m sure it is already modified to be cross platform, at least one of the how many exploits that came out? OPERA!!ROCKS browse with javascript only at certain sites and keep open tabs to a minimum and it is hard to get owned even with advanced drive by on worst case scenario. Yes you can get temporarily owned on linux even if it is only to have keystroke capture and steal username/password to a site you really don’t want to get info stolen from.

  2. I just realized why Chrome is windows only. It ties into IE. I have it loaded into my work PC & wanted to change the proxy settings. Well low & behold the IE options popped up. So from windows OS within Chrome open options then click the “Under the Hood” tab & click the “Change proxy settings” button & you’ll see what I meen.

  3. OPERA is the best browser ever… fast, but really fast. The email system is awesome, transfer P2P without a problem, display websites as they were intend to be seen and endless useful tools. Try it… you won’t regret at all.
    I’m sooooooooo in love with Opera.
    XOXO 🙂


  4. I use the mac version。Although everything about this browser is great i abandoned the use of it just for the simple reason of it CRASHING too OFTEN.Back to Avant which I used to use.

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