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Google gadgets is an open-source implementation of Google gadgets platform for Linux and is now available for download. It is the first cross-platform desktop gadgets framework that works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X computer system. From the google blog:


For Gadgets for Linux, we don’t just want to simply release the final offering, but we also want to give everyone a chance to tinker with the code powering the gadgets. For this project, fostering a transparent and lively developer community is just as important as serving our users.

Google Gadgets for Linux provides a platform for running desktop gadgets under Linux, catering to the unique needs of Linux users. We are compatible with the gadgets written for Google Desktop for Windows as well as the Universal Gadgets on iGoogle. Following Linux norms, this project will be open-sourced, under the Apache License.

Google Gadgets for Linux

Download Google Gadgets for Linux

You can download Google Gadgets for Linux here at project website.


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  1. Can we call any took “multi-platform” before it works in Linux?… I don’t think so.

    On the other hand, if it works with Linux, who cares about it being “multi-platform”? I mean, Linux itself is multi-platform the way I see it, across different processor architectures. It’s not like you need a “CE”, a “ME” or a “NT” version of each program in the planet, you know…

  2. it’s so hard to compile… not for end user yet! I hope we have a smart version working under linux!

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