Download of the day: Kubuntu Linux 8.10 CD / DVD ISO

Kubuntu Linux 8.10 has been released and available for download ( jump to download link ). Kubuntu use KDE as a desktop environment, instead of the default GNOME system. It is part of the Ubuntu project and uses the same underlying system.

Today sees the release of Kubuntu 8.10 featuring the KDE 4 desktop. The Kubuntu developers have been hard at work, bringing you the latest and greatest software the open source community has to offer. KDE 4 reworks your system with a major new revision of the desktop.

What’s new in Kubuntu Linux 8.10

  1. KDE4 : At last, fully supported, the reworked desktop, KDE 4. Kubuntu ships with KDE 4.1.2. Taskmanager tooltips have also been backported from KDE trunk.
  2. Desktop Effects: In KDE4 KWin has been given the bling-bling with shiny new Desktop effects ranging from the standard shadows and translucency to Wobbly Windows to a Coverswitch alt-tab window switcher shown above. These effects will be on by default if your video card supports them.
  3. Dolphin File Manager : Dolphin gets a breath of fresh air in KDE 4, with numerous new features, a load of bugfixes, and those tiny polishing details that make Dolphin a very capable file manager. As in past releases, Konqueror is still available for file browsing if you prefer it.
  4. Adept 3.0: A new desktop needs a new package manager, Adept 3 fulfills that need. Adept 3.0 brings a fresh KDE 4 interface that is much more stable, nimble and easy on system resources.
  5. All the essential Kubuntu tools have been given greater integration with KDE 4 with ports to to PyKDE4:
    • GDebiKDE, for .deb package installation.
    • Jockey-KDE, the proprietary driver manager
    • Language Selector, the Kubuntu language selection and setup tool
    • Software Properties, the apt sources.list editor for Adept
    • Printer Applet, shows what is currently printing
    • System Config Printer KDE, the printer setup tool
    • Guidance Power Manager, for battery monitoring

Fig.01: Kubuntu 8.10 KDE 4 Desktop In Action

Kubuntu 8.10 Download

You can download Kubuntu Linux 8.10 via the web/ftp server or via BitTorrent (recommended). The combined install/live DVD allows you either to install Ubuntu permanently on a computer.

Kubuntu download: Kubuntu 8.10 CD ISO download

Kubuntu 8.0 DVD ISO download

Kubuntu 8.10 ISO BitTorrent download

Update: See complete FTP/HTTP Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.10 download list here.

Kubuntu Linux 8.10 Download Mirrors

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6 comments… add one
  • Alejandro Oct 30, 2008 @ 19:28

    If you need a more info about this Linux Distribution please visit

  • KDE 3 Nov 19, 2008 @ 18:45

    Pretty colours and glossy buttons won’t hide the fact that it is probably better that people wait until KDE 4.2.

    4-4.1 are incredibly disappointing with a huge host of missing features. Dolphin and Adept 3.0 are welcome miles better than their previous versions however and I’m glad to see the improvement.

    System settings however need to be improved and fast. As does panel configuration which I find a huge step backwards from the options available under KDE 3.5.9-10.

    It would have been better for KDE to stick with their 3 series and not concentrate on trying to look like Vista/OSX…

  • 1fastbullet Nov 29, 2008 @ 4:22


    So, essentially, what you’re telling me is that this is another classic example of a half-baked Ubuntu “upgrade” that continues the time-honored tradition of not bothering to fix what was already broke and yet has succeeded in making broke that which was once fixed?

    Gee, now that’s a surprise. I’m still repairing the “upgrades” after the move I made from Feisty to Hardy.

  • david Dec 1, 2008 @ 12:44

    Installed on Friday. Going back today.
    Buggy. Trying to look like MacOS is disappointing – I own a Mac and do not like its interface.

  • Siegfried Kunzler Jul 6, 2009 @ 23:54

    As a none programmer it would be nice to get better instruction or training in linux. I have been in the process for many years to switch from Windows to Kubuntu, but had problems with my installation. I have purchased several books with CD and downloaded Kubuntu, but need help with it. Manny years ago we had a Linux club in Winnipeg, but not any more.
    If some one from Winnipeg, MB with the Kubuntu no how should read this post, please send me a message, If you are able to help with setting my Notebook up propperly.
    I am tired of Windows, constand urgend upgrades.

  • bhaskar sharma.n Dec 28, 2009 @ 11:27

    The latest edition of Ubuntu(9.10) having too many’s not capable to use with some hardwares.

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