Download of the day: Linux or Solaris Java Standard Edition 6 (SE 6)

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It is better, easier, and faster…

Sun has announced the release of Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) 6

Whether working on Solaris, Linux, or Windows operating systems, Java applications can be deployed with confidence when you leverage our new developer services featuring Java MultiPlatform Support.

New features

Improved graphical user interface libraries along with the design tools in NetBeans IDE 5.5 simplify rich client application development and expand native platform support.

Complete, lightweight platform to develop and deploy .NET compatible web services.

Improved diagnostic facilities for tracking memory usage, thread behavior, and native system interactions helping identify the cause of application bugs and performance bottlenecks faster and easier than ever before.

The first pieces of source code for Sun’s implementation of Java SE platform are now freely available under GPL(v2) via NetBeans and communities, with a buildable JDK in the first quarter of 2007.

Download Java Standard Edition 6

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