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Mandriva Linux (aka Mandrake Linux) has been released. Mandriva Linux 2008 is the latest edition of Mandriva Linux, the product of more than 9 years of continuous innovation for desktops and enterprise servers.

In this release, you will get the most up-to-date versions of the major components, with the brand new GNOME 2.20 desktop, the latest stable KDE 3.5.7, Compiz Fusion 0.5.2, 2.2.1, the latest Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.

Apparmor has replaced RSBAC as the in-kernel application security tool. It also includes a integrated hardware detection system, with support for a lot of new devices particularly graphics cards, sound cards, and wireless chips. There is a wizard to import Windows documents and settings etc.

Mandriva Linux 2008 Screen shot

Download Mandriva Linux 2008 CD / DVD ISO

=> Mandriva Linux 2008 is now available for download on the official site and on the network of public mirror servers. You can download 3-CD ISO / 1-DVD edition files, which are made up entirely of free / open source software, without any of the non-free software bundled with other editions. It is available for download free of charge.

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  1. The day wish I install Linux on my computer must written in the history book ! Because all my problems go away with Windows.
    1000 of Thanks to the Linux community.

  2. I have downloaded the disk iso so many times I cant even tell you! It will NOT open on either of my two pc’s. I have the cdrom booting first, and the hard drive 4th on both. Nothing happens on either when I shut down with the cd in the cdrom drive. What am I doing wrong? I didnt have any problems when I did the identical thing with the iso I burned from Ububtu. Do you have to have lousy windows just to get the disk to work? I am attempting to run a second linux syatem on the same pc, with two hard drives. WHere am I going wrong. Please keep it simple in lay terms I can follow as I am no genius when it comes to these things. Thanks in advance.

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