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Download of the Day: ebox web based GUI management system

Ebox is a free (open source) web based Linux server management tool.

From the project home page:
Ebox management tool will effectively and easily help you managing the advanced services for your corporate network. Designed with extensibility in mind it offers, among others, these modules:
=> Firewall
=> Transparent proxy
=> Content filter
=> NTP Server
=> Users and groups administration
=>Mail server etc

Download of the Day: ebox web based GUI management system
=> Download Link

On a related note there is nice article written using ebox at howtoforge:
“This article shows how to run a file-, print-, HTTP proxy- DHCP-, and time server for small and medium enterprises (SME) on one single Debian Sarge system.

eBox was developed to administrate advanced services for corporate networks, and it was created for Debian Sarge.”

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  • RD00 October 19, 2006, 12:40 pm

    A word of caution…

    My past experience shows that if you use this kind of software or CP something will always break up. This kind of software designed to run on a fresh box. I recommend this if you run small business and you would like to manage your own box.



  • nixCraft October 19, 2006, 12:55 pm


    I must agree…

    Appreciate your post.

  • Paresh June 2, 2009, 9:13 am

    my experiance with Ebox its working fine but some how after month it will down, mean that dont have option to repair it. its only hanging on or not working properly.. any one have suggestin please sent me. Thanks in Advance

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