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Download Of The Day: OpenSSH 5.1

OpenSSH server and client version 5.1 has just been released and available for download. New features in OpenSSH 5.1:
=> Introduce experimental SSH Fingerprint ASCII Visualisation to ssh(1) and ssh-keygen(1).

=> sshd now support CIDR address/masklen matching.

=> Added an extended test mode (-T) to sshd(8) to request that it write its effective configuration to stdout and exit.

=> ssh(1) now prints the number of bytes transferred and the overall connection throughput for SSH protocol 2 sessions when in verbose mode.

=> Added a MaxSessions option to sshd_config(5) to allow control of the number of multiplexed sessions supported over a single TCP connection.

Download OpenSSH 5.1

=> Visit offical site to grab latest OpenSSH 5.1

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  • hijack203 July 23, 2008, 4:38 pm

    Anyone have trouble running the whoami or id -un command while utilizing openssh’s new native jail support??

  • zxbom July 24, 2008, 8:58 am

    zxbom@chown.lv, openssh is one of the essential apps os unix systems. I’m really haapy of new version.

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