Download of the day: Opera 9.2 (all platforms)

Posted on in Categories News last updated April 11, 2007

Opera version 9.2 has been released. I’m dam sure you will find browsing faster and more enjoyable with Opera’s many new features :)

According to official opera blog:

9.2 is not only an important update with bug fixes and the new Speed Dial functionality, it’s also a milestone in spreading Opera to new users around the world: Opera 9.2 for Windows ships with 31 languages.


Click here to download opera for Linux/UNIX, Window and Mac.

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  1. My mom’s 100 and wants to email. The modem in her 350 mgz iMac powermac G3 desk top. The little blue and white iMac is now hooked up with comcast high speed. I want to switch to linux if I can rather than upgrade the 9.2.2 os to OSX which we would have to buy. Is it possible to successfully download linux to this machine. If so from where and do I have to buy? Will it come with a browser, if not what is a good browser. Thanks I’ve been fiddeling with this for awhile and look forward to the linux soulution if thats the solution.


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