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Download of the day: SSH Menu ~ Save and Open SSH Connections on a single mouse click

For last couple of years I’ve used my own shell script based solution to list and open ssh connections. Now I found a nice applet called SSHMenu:

The SSHMenu is a panel applet that makes all your regular SSH connections a single mouse click away. Each menu option will open an SSH session in a new terminal window. You can arrange groups of hosts with separator bars or sub-menus. You can even open all the connections on a submenu (in separate windows or tabs) with one click.

Overall I’m quite happy with SSHMenu, a must have tool for all admin, IMHO.


a] SSHMenu allows you to add key so that you can run rest of the all session without a problem and password.
b] Every connection you make using using SSHMenu will use the terminal profile you’ve selected, to set the color scheme, terminal font and other settings.
c] You can open all connection at a time and much more…

SSH Menu ~ Save and Open SSH Connections on a single mouse click
(SSHMenu in action – click to enlarge)

Download SSHMenu

=> Visit official site here ( hat tip to carthik )

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  • Carthik August 20, 2007, 3:55 pm

    Thanks for the hat-tip, Vivek. I really appreciate it, especially since all and sundry copy ideas and entire posts without a mention of the source.

  • nixCraft August 20, 2007, 4:52 pm


    Heh no problem, thanks for finding it at first place. I always give back a credit to original source :)

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