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The latest version of the popular Linux desktop distribution Ubuntu 10.10 has been released and available from the official project web site. New features since Ubuntu 10.04 includes – Gnome 2.32, KDE 4.5.0 (QT 4.7), new KDE browser Rekonq, Pulse Audio as the default sound server, Firefox 3.6.9, OpenOffice 3.2.1, Evolution 2.30.3, Shotwell, Btrfs with experimental support, kernel 2.6.35, and version 1.9.

Fig.01: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) Desktop
Fig.01: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) Desktop

Download Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu (Maverick Meerkat) 10.10 DVD

  1. 64 Bit DVD version
  2. 32 Bit DVD version

How Do I Upgrade To Ubuntu v10.10?

You can directly upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 from Ubuntu 10.04, see upgrade howto here.

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  1. Downloaded 32 bit ISO and burned ISO file to CD but laptop will not boot from CD instead launching directly into XP Pro.

    How do I amend the startup to point to Ubuntu.

    1. Most probably you have to change the sequence where the computer looks for bootable media in the setup of your laptop.

      In most cases the boot sequence is as such that the internal hard disk is checked first; if there is an operation system residing on it, this one is used.

      Please try to modify the BIOS settings of yout laptop (usually by pressing ESC or F1 or F2 or F10 or F12 during the boot process – depending on manufacturer) and look for a setting that is named “boot sequence” or something similar. Change it to make sure that a bootable CD is used before the hard disk, and reboot your computer.

      Good luck – and enjoy ubuntu!

  2. I am looking for a computer program other than Microsoft Word and Outlook. A friend said that most viruses target this program. I have Kasperski on my computer, but some of my emails are disappearing after I open and then close them.

    Is Ubuntu Linux a good replacement?


    1. Linux is always a good replacement hands down. You just have to find the right one for yourself. 😉

  3. Hello Vivek,

    I just came across to this page while searching for Linux, I need your help I you can contact me through mail.
    I use Windows OS, but want to try Linux, I’m little bit more than beginner in computers.


    1. Linux pose to be a lot better than the windows OS for me. and i recommend for you too because i know you would like it as in i love it now. I thought Linux was complex, but it seem much easier when you become conversant with it and work on it like the way you use windows OS. softwares are not expensive to download, Internet is fast and easy to surf + inexpensive.the amount of bytes you spend on Linux for disk space is less than the windows OS.

      Try it..

  4. For less headaches about the use of Linux, i recommend the use of Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu…….
    Thank you

  5. Hello, I burned a cd and installed ubuntu maverick to my old HP laptop. I ended up with a nice colored screen with a cursor on it that I can move around. But there is nothing to click on. The keyboard has no effect. I have to force a shut down by holding power on key. What should I do to fix this? I have a newer laptop that I made dual boot with win 7. That is working fine….. mostly. Any help is much appreciated.


  6. HELP! I have an Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit disk. trying to install on a compaq presario. the laptop has a dell OS version of XP.(because I don’t have original software for it) I can’t get the drivers to work to use the ROM drive to boot Ubuntu disk! I even tried to download to the hard disk. Can’t find a program to launch the ISO file from my downloads folder. Can’t create partition to save iso files to boot from hard disk. what can I do?

    1. Hi Brian (and others with same problem),

      If you boot into you current OS on your laptop you can download the ISO to the harddisc. Then you need a piece of software that mounts this ISO file, so it shows up as a dvd drive in your explorer.

      Now that you have the ISO mounted you can open the drive and you’ll find a program called wubi.exe on the “disc”. Start this program to install ubuntu.

      What does wubi.exe do?
      Very simply put, it creates a large file on your current harddrive and installs ubuntu into this file. Then the bootmanager is automatically adjusted. After installation is finished you can reboot your pc and you’ll find the option to choose between your current os and ubuntu.

      Mounting iso’s can be done with PowerIso, Deamon Tools, and about a hundred more.

      1. Johan! you rock! I used Magic ISO and it worked. Unfortunately I do not have the required RAM for Unity but another day I suppose. I am just glad it worked

  7. Sorry Ken, I somehow missed your reply. It went straight to my spam box. After reading your reply and bit of googling, I feel I should give Linux a try! thank for your reply!

  8. i want a ubuntu 10.10 disk<can u plz send it to me by post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Fredy,

      Any specific reason you want ubuntu 10.10 instead of 11.04?

      If you persist in getting 10.10 you can buy a cd at the conical shop and support ubuntu with your payment. The minimum amount to order is 5 cd’s at a price of 5 pounds. The shop is located at :

      Also 10.10 is still available for download at

      If both download and paying conical is not an option for you, just let us know. I can burn a disc for you and sent it by snailmail. Shipment costs will be at your conto though 😉

      1. Lol I’m actually on this page because I like 10.10 much more than any Ubuntu distribution after it.

  9. Hello, I have newly installed my Ubuntu 11.10 through wubi.exe and it runs by choosing
    ubuntu instead of my old Windows xp during reboot. My problem is I cannot configure my smart bro plug-it broadband, I need this to access the internet.
    Please help. Thanks

  10. I have suse 12 and find it really difficult…my printer also does not work on suse its an epsom s20 inkjet /.I can not alter resolution on joint user sight /to 1024×768 it keeps returning to small print/Time date also is not there in corner /.I wanted to go back to linux with ubuntu 10.1 but can not seem to find a down load for it…can any one help .Im no computer expert and need a simple set up….I started with Gloria 8 and 10.1 seemed to be on the same par ..please help regards Carol

  11. help cant us 12 need to go back to linux with ubuntu 10.1 can not fide it …is 1010 about the same needs to be simple regards carol

  12. Carol, Suse has a repository with printer drivers, I can’t remember what it is called and I don’t reccomend it. I took me 6 hours to configure mine, and then I decided I didn’t like Suse after all. (although the desktop is pretty neat). Anyway, Ubuntu 10.10 was the last release before the Unity bar. So, in that reguard it is a more stable release of 10.1 before Ubuntu started going wacky with the tool bar. It is quite simplistic if that is what you are after. Also, have you tried Mint? Mint is very user friendly and because it is a Debian distro (like Ubuntu) you may already be familiar with how to navigate it.

    Good luck!

  13. From my hearing of Ubuntu and i try it, it was absolutely fantastic. Then i have to fall in luv to.

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